Oraclum DOES NOT use any private information from its users.
We only use our participant’s responses to make our predictions work.

We take far less information from you than what you give out via e.g. loyalty cards.
And we always tell you exactly what we take.

Full implementation of GDPR standards

Oraclum fully complies with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) standards that are due to take full effect in May 2018. We follow the GDPR standards in data collection, storage, protection, retention, and destruction. In each of our surveys we present an option for our participants to choose how they want us to handle their data. We clearly state this option on the main website before anyone begins to fill out the survey.

For each of our surveys we specify the full terms and conditions, a detailed privacy policy, and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) that describe how we handle our users’ data and which information we take from them.

We take three things when we do a survey via social networks:

  1. Anonymous user ID (only public profile data, nothing private). It is impossible for us and any third party to find out who these people are.
  2. List of anonymous identifiers of friends within the social network which are also using the survey
  3. The redirect link – telling us from which webpage the user came to the survey

The data we receive from e.g. Facebook or Twitter on our participants do not contain its public Facebook or Twitter ID, but an encrypted version of it, disabling us from finding out the identity of the participant this way. The only way we can find out the identity is if the participant by consent gives us their email address for the purposes of winning a cash prize, which we further encrypt and password protect to prevent any third party from ever getting to this personal data.

One of our core values as a company is security. Whether you’re our client or our survey participant, rest assure, your data is safe with us!