Our mission is data-driven business optimization and predictions using cutting-edge technology by utilizing machine learning and social network analysis.

Our job is to recognize the main patterns in the data and draw conclusions based on our unique prediction method about who the customers (or voters) are and how they behave. We leverage publicly available data in order to unlock competitive advantages for our clients.

Our vision is to become the global leader in the new scientific way of doing predictions and polling.

We want to become the most trusted prediction company in the world, both in how we handle our customers’ data and in the precision of our predictions.



  • We value the privacy of our survey respondents above all else
  • Whether you’re our client or our survey participant, rest assure, your data is safe with us
  • Through open and transparent communication we seek to build our reputation as a trustworthy company

Professional and scientific integrity

  • We believe scientific solutions can be used in a multitude of ways to help businesses strive and succeed. We develop all of our solutions using the highest scientific standards
  • We take great pride in our solutions and the quality of our outputs and can guarantee state-of-the-art standards
  • Our integrity means that we verify our solutions vigorously and stand by them 100%

Hub of experts

  • The company was created by a team, it works as a team, and it succeeds as a team
  • One of our competitive advantages is that we use our broad network of top experts in software, data, and AI solutions, but also in marketing and consulting, to help us solve any business problem and devise our unique high-quality solutions