Our team offers the perfect combination between business and science. We have academic backgrounds in computer science, physics, economics, engineering, in addition to business experience in running large-scale projects.

Each of us comes from different backgrounds and each has a specific set of professional and personal skills and character trails that complement each other and make our team strong.

VUK VUKOVIĆ, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Holds a PhD from the University of Oxford in political economy (graduated in just two and a half years), an MSc from the London School of Economics (with distinction), a BA from the University of Zagreb (magna cum laude), while during his studies attended summer schools at Harvard and Berkeley. Vuk’s responsibilities in Oraclum include all day-to-day business activities of the venture. He is the one making direct sales with potential clients, devising the PR strategy of the business, and taking care of the financial and controlling aspects. Father of two boys.

Dr. DEJAN VINKOVIĆ, co-founder and Chief Science Officer

After receiving his PhD in physics from the University of Kentucky, Dejan moved to the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton. After that he became a professor at the Physics Department at the University of Split, Croatia. He recently accepted the position of Chief Science Officer at Hipersfera Ltd. He is also a founding director of Science and Society Synergy Institute, a private non-profit research institute. As Chief Science & Technology Officer he handles all data-related estimations and predictions for every job that we do. Dejan is always the last person to check whether our estimations make sense. He is also in charge of our legal compliance with the European General Data Protection Regulation. Father of one boy.

Dr. MILE ŠIKIĆ, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer

Professor at the Department of Electronic Systems and Information Processing, FER, University of Zagreb, and a visiting scientist at the Genome Institute of Singapore. He works in a number of computer science areas, but primarily in bioinformatics, computational biology, signal processing, data mining, and complex networks. In the past he worked as a team member and project manager in various software and consulting projects in the ICT area. At Oraclum Mile is engaged in R&D of the methodology behind the survey, experimenting with it on a weekly basis and doing state-of-the-art research that supports and strengthens our product. Mile is also mentoring some of the best and the brightest minds that come out of his university, all of which usually end up working for Blue Chip companies in the US or the UK. Thanks to him Oraclum has the chance to acquire and keep this vast talent, and help them develop their skills and know-how to achieve their full potential. Father of two boys and one girl.