2020 US election predictions 
Trump vs Biden: who wins in 2020?


  • We’re doing it again. We were right in 2016. We will be right again in 2020.

Choose below which pricing offer you prefer:

  1. Don’t pay us if we’re wrong, but if we’re right you pay full price.
  2. Take advantage of a lower price now before it starts going up closer to Election day
1) Pay only if we get it right:
  • Choose a package (basic, advanced, premium)
  • Get regular updates on the state of the race (precision increases the closer we are to Election day)
  • We invoice you immediately but you only pay the invoice after Election day (November 3rd) if we predict the result correctly

*NOTE: VAT not included. UK VAT to be charged.

2) Dynamic pricing
  • For the dynamic pricing option you can only choose between the first two packages: Basic or Advanced
  • This option let’s you benefit from an early sign-up to the surveys, as the price for each option increases as we move closer to Election day (see graph)
  • You can pre-order the survey results and take advantage of the lower price level. After October 15th, when the first results will be available, the price gradually increases every day by 12% (see the table of daily price changes)
  • On election day the prices will reach their peak value: $500 for the basic package, and $1000 for the advanced package
  • Note: VAT not included in prices (UK VAT charged)

Read our blog post to find out more about our methodology: 

Who Wins in 2020?

Back in 2016 we were a team of scientists that used a novel methodology to successfully predict Brexit and Trump, both within a single percentage point margin of error. We're doing it again.