Follow the COVID-19 crisis & recovery

Are you a manager facing these problems?

  • Huge uncertainty; not sure what will happen with COVID or the economy in the next 12 months?
  • How will people react after the lockdowns are lifted?
  • What if there is a second wave?
  • How to adapt to the upcoming uncertainty?

We can help you stay ahead of the curve

  • Stay alert by following both the epidemiological and the macroeconomic indicators
  • Prepare a hedging strategy for two possible scenarios: a second wave with voluntary restriction of movement, and no second wave with a gradual recovery
  • Track sentiment for cues to figure out people’s behavior will change and how this will further impact demand

Our Fear Reaction Index (FRIX) tracks the economic and epistemological recovery, anticipates people’s sentiment, and helps you stay ahead of the curve!

Not convinced? Follow our blogs and our pinpoint COVID-19 predictions

Slowdown from lockdown

As the economic and social fallout from the "lockdown" measures takes its toll across the world the public debate has been increasingly focusing on the rationality of such drastic measures. This debate is both highly relevant and highly emotional.

COVID-19 Data Myopia

People around the world are hooked on following daily updates of confirmed COVID-19 cases and their related deaths. Extracting various conclusions and projections is omnipresent these days. However, not enough attention is given to understanding what these numbers really mean and what we can learn from them, while at the same time avoiding over-interpretation.