The data science and analytics part is the key final component of both of our main products, BASON and nano influencer targeting. It can, however, also be used separately, for clients who handle large quantities of data on a daily basis and in real time. We can help you structure your data, combine it with our powerful tools, and tell you how to get the most out of it to grow your business.

The most powerful tool on the market  

  • Recognizing the main patterns in the data and drawing conclusions based on our BASON Survey on who your customers are and how they behave
  • We use the data from the client (which is very often underutilized), extract the publicly available data, and combine it all with our unique solutions to extract maximum value from the data
  • From the survey we are able to recognize the key customer segments using our unique machine learning software
  • We can tell each client how to understand their customers, how to reach them, and what makes them ‘tick’, thus giving the client a competitive edge on the market

Creating value for the client

  • Microtargeting customers with precisely-defined and group-tailored messages
  • Recommendations based on scientific experimentation and validated learning – we continuously test each proposition based on our predictions from the data, making sure that the implemented solutions deliver the optimal result
  • Engaging with the client’s internal marketing and data analytics teams to teach them the specifics our approach and how to use our tool

The Oraclum approach (combining BASON with data science)