Have you faced any of these problems before?

  • Sales for a product stagnating?
  • Launching a product that needs virality to spread?
  • Don’t know how to engage your social media users?
  • How to turn clicks, likes, retweets into actual sales?
  • Using ‘spray and pray’ marketing campaigns?
  • Spending money on influencers or campaigns you’re not sure are effective at all?


Here are our solutions:

  1. Identifying your nano influencers => knowing exactly how many products your influencer sold and who is the best ambassador for your brand
  2. Accurate calculation of how effective a marketing campaign was => knowing exactly how many units were sold as a result of the campaign
  3. Full engagement of your social media followers => turning likes into sales! 

Who is it for?

  • Companies working with influencers to sell their product or service
  • Companies wishing to boost sales and gain a base of loyal customers who will become their brand ambassadors
  • Ideal for retail, cosmetics, food, consumable goods, tourism, restaurants and cafes, services, banking

What are nano influencers and why you should use them

  • Do you know who your real influencers are? How they behave? Who do they attract from your customer base?
  • Several types of influencers: celebs (>1m followers), macro (100k-500k), micro (10k-50k or 5k – 10k), nano (ordinary people who influence their nearest communities)
  • Nano influencers are, simply, regular people who use word of mouth and personal recommendations to spread awareness of a product and encourage others to buy it.
  • Using our BASON approach we’ll help you find them among your own customers to turn them into ambassadors for your brand


How does it work?

  • We run a gamified survey to attract users and track how people share it and attract others
  • We take a set of identified nano influencers (those with most shares and key locations in their networks) and give each a code for a X% discount on one of your products
  • They then share this code to everyone they know (friends, family)
  • We track who made the most sales and reward the best ones with free products, new discounts, etc.

What do you get if you use Oraclum’s nano influencer targeting?

  • Significant short-term boost in sales (your nano influencers push the sales of your new product)
  • Long-term value added in having loyal brand ambassadors you can always use for new campaigns
  • You know exactly which influencer is most valuable for which one of your brands
  • You know exactly how effective your marketing campaign was
  • We turn your social media likes and followers into actual sales