Oraclum Insights (OI) offer an opportunity for our clients to stay ahead of the curve. Use OI to anticipate changes in the markets, to anticipate the economic recovery following COVID-19, or even to find out before anyone else what will be the outcome of an election.

Predict the recovery  

  • Follow in-depth analyses and visualizations of COVID-19 trends, mobility data, daily death predictions, and the long-term impact COVID will have on the economy
  • Anticipate the uncertainty and fear in markets that is preventing a quicker recovery
  • Follow changes in behavior that reduce mobility and increase job uncertainty
  • Dashboard access available for free trial

Predict markets

  • Will the stock markets go under once more in 2020 or 2021?
  • How will the monetary, fiscal and corporate debt bubbles pop?
  • Follow the scope of irrational exuberance in the markets and increasing volatility
  • Follow firm-level data on bankruptcies and our unique risk prediction models

How can you stay ahead of the curve?