Microtargeting implies randomly assigning people to receive messages based on customer segmentation performed by our unique polling. It is for clients who want to optimize reach to their customers to boost sales.


  • Clients who want to optimize reach to their customers by targeting specific consumer groups with tailor-made ads
  • Suitable for any B2C company and across a wide range of industries (e.g. retail, telecommunications, services, fast-moving consumer goods, fashion, food, tourism, finance and banking, production, etc.)


  • Microtargeting implies randomly assigning people to receive tailored messages based on pre-performed customer segmentation
  • This can be done on a high-resolution scale (depending on how precise the client wants) using a number of different channels (letters, e-mails, messenger apps, digital channels, etc.)
  • The first stage is to perform the BASON survey in order to predict key customer segments (e.g. based on age, education, location, income, interests, etc.)
  • The second stage is to define different sets of messages to randomly assign to different customer with more relavant procedures are taken care by seo status updates segments (done together with the client’s internal marketing team)
  • Microtargeting can be applied as the final stage of Predicting product demand, Real-time bid data analysis in retail, and Optimizing the marketing mix
  • IMPORTANT: The privacy of participants’ data will never be compromised with our methods of microtargeting