Predicting customer segmentation for each marketing channel, allowing the client to precisely target its customer groups and hence lower the client’s user acquisition costs and increase their user base. Suitable for any B2C company launching new products, entering the market, or planning an expansion.


  • Clients planning an expansion on the market and wishing to rebrand either themselves or their products
  • New entrants who want to plan their stages of penetration in the new market and optimize their marketing strategies accordingly
  • Particularly suitable for any B2C company (e.g. retail, telecommunications, services, fashion, food, tourism and hospitality,  and fast-moving consumer goods)


  • Challenge: The planned promotion needs to combine digital and traditional channels, and to reach well-defined, measurable targets in a short time for a limited budget
  • The BASON Survey allows precise customer segmentation giving the client direct insight into which group of potential customers is better targeted by which channel (e.g. young customers respond better to digital channels, whereas older customers respond better to traditional channels like the radio, TV, or letters)
  • The promotion approach is then optimized by applying micro-testing and removing bias in collected data
  • Should be combined with Experimentation and validated learning to repeatedly test customer reactions on various features, and with Microtargeting after the solution has been presented