Can all of your big “noisy” data really help you make a better decision?

You need good data.

You need to find a signal in all that noise. You need to find the truth.

That’s what we do.


Predictive power from social networks

Finding people who understand their environments the best.

From their insights we can figure out:

  • who is most likely to become a customer,
  • who will win an election,
  • or even how will an oil shock or a adverse market movement affect your business.

Using the BASON method, developed as part of our ongoing scientific research, we are able to:

(1) to unlock a market research insight that other surveys cannot;

(2) use network analysis to figure out which participants are more successful in engaging others to either sell more products or spread product awareness. We call them nano influencers. 

(3) We do not engage in any kind of of psychological profiling; instead we want to uncover attitudes: how people feel about things

Value that we offer to our clients:

  • Lower costs of customer acquisition and better customer retention (creating a band of loyal customers)
  • Boost in short-term sales
  • A possibility to increase organic virality of their product
  • Turning likes into sales
  • Accurate anticipation of market events or shocks and how they will impact your business
  • Strategy to implement an action plan

Our USP is to provide a higher return on investment (ROI) in two ways:

(1) the client’s regular acquisition channels; we can offer better conversion rates for a lower cost than what they usual pay in standard marketing acquisition campaigns.

(2) the client’s adjustment strategy towards adverse market events or election outcomes